Coming Home

Enjoy and Create

I have had to create time.

For me.

To luxuriate in self-care.

To slow down and ground.

In a busy world where we do ALL THE THINGS.

Because I had to. Because I was the only one that could.

Amelia Slater


The world within

Because it takes space

To be in two places at once and connect with your creativity.

A moment to breath, notice your surroundings and be fully present, centred and grounded will take you there.

Life is energy and we are in the driver’s seat, steering our feelings as the energetic vibrations that they are. We all have a choice to change in every moment. Create awareness and notice how you can shift the space to be a creative and enjoyable one.

At the end of each day, feel inspired

There is no need to unravel.

Slow down, ground and breath and notice the beauty and magic that surrounds you in nature.

Your wellbeing of body, mind and spirit is key.

It takes action to create change. Stepping out of our comfort zone and rising up to the daily challenges and finding a creative and enjoyable path to success.

There is no need to escape when we are in love with ourselves and what we can create.

There is no one pivotal moment to change things. Suffering is a part of life, let it wash over you, knowing it will pass. This is but just one moment in time, you only have to look to the stars to see how vast time and space is and how precious life can be. Choose your moment, any moment to shift, you have all the chances you need.

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Acknowledge & Accept that the answers you seek are Within

Soul Connection

Answer your Soul’s Calling. Take the path that has always been there for you, waiting.

Fall in Love

With yourself. Your life and co-create everything that you ever dreamed of.

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Coming home to you is a safe journey back to the world inside the world, to find your deep shadows and bring them to the light.

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