Coming Home

A Tale of Unraveling

I have had a lot of time.

The last few years, as a solo mum, I have had time.

And not the sort of leisurely time you are thinking of.

Not the time where I can go off and do nice things for myself, like shopping, yoga classes, girls’ nights and coffees with friends.
I mean time at the end of the day.

After I have gotten up out of bed and done ALL THE THINGS.

Because I had to. Because I was the only one.

Amelia Slater

Freedom Facilitator

Two Places at Once

Because it takes a Village

Where I had to be in two places at once and organize an entire village to get my kids to where they need to be so I could show up to work. Where I took care of the villages kids, as a social worker.

And even then, I had to make sacrifices. Working late, missing social gatherings, missing kids school events. There were difficult decisions to be made too. There were feelings of guilt, shame and fear to be dealt with daily.

Life had to go on and I had to keep going day after day. Alone, unsure and quite frankly, lost.

At the end of each day, I unraveled.

Sometimes that was in a bottle of wine, sometimes it was scrolling aimlessly on social media. Sometimes it was crying on the floor in a corner.

It usually took about 2 hours of alone time to actually process the day and unravel.

In between all of that there were legal and health and wellbeing appointments.

There was conflict with family and friends because I was so highly strung and learning how to be myself in a relationship of any sort after 10 years of dysfunction.

The unravelling was necessary, a necessary evil. sometimes it was self-care, like baths and meditations and yoga. And sometimes it was desperately texting and calling friends for advice and venting. It was escaping my own mind and it was grief and sadness.

There was a pivotal moment that changed things. I suffered an injury. Not once but twice in 12 months, I broke my ankle. I had to stop. That was when things shifted. My time was up. I was forced to be with myself, to go within, to explore the depths of my soul. I discovered a new world. My world. There was a clear message that was whispered to me. I had to get up and stand up and change things.

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