Do you have a belief that is holding you back?

Maybe it is the belief that if you change you will lose something or someone? Or maybe it is the belief that if you put yourself out there you will be hurt or ridiculed? Or maybe it’s the belief that if you make too much money you will become shallow and mean? I often help women uncover these subconscious beliefs. What is yours?


Let’s release this! It might hurt… but feeling is healing. It is a necessary part of letting go and moving forward.

Here’s one of the ways you can release this yourself! And anyone can do this.

Journal on your past hurt that created this belief. Simply by doing this, you are allowing the release. Let it go through burning the pages you write it out on. Set your intention to release through the power of the fire. Then go into nature and give your pain to Mother Earth. Sit quietly and tell her all about it. She can take it.


Then go and get pampered by someone else. Self-care is super important after a release. Raise your vibe and feel good in your body! Or go and dance, have sex, get a massage, something that shifts energy in your body to release. This all adds power.


The topic to journal on is: I release the belief of…. I release the feelings of …… I release the behaviors…….. I release the experience of…… I release the patterns…….I release the pain of……..

Keep wiring on each of those until there is no more to write or until you need a break. This will take as long as it takes. You may need to pause and come back to it later. You may need to do it daily until you feel you are no longer carrying it with you. The new moon and full moon is a great time to release but you can do it anytime.

So what is your belief that is holding you back from how you want to feel, who you want to be and what you want to have?

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