Having the best life and everything you want means constantly BEING the best version of yourself at that moment in time as best as you can manage with the information that you have. This is the path to being who you always wanted to be. With each moment in time, we have a choice to move forward toward that version of ourselves and all we desire. We can do this in spite of the past. And we can do this to spite our ego and our fear.

It is not an easy task though. Constantly having the awareness of where we are out of alignment with ourselves is tiring. It is an ongoing battle with our old negative internal dialogues too. The fear and ego telling us we are not good enough, we are a failure and we can’t do it.

When you do this work and when you are striving towards anything, remember it IS work. And it IS tiring, emotional and stressful. When you feel like giving up, it is your soul calling for a rest. We have breaks from 9-5 day jobs, we need breaks from the internal work we do as well. Nobody is perfect and it takes time to learn anything new. So allow yourself the break. Have a rest, pull your energy in and come home to yourself and snuggle your soul.

Celebrate how far you have come and how you are that much closer to who you were always wanting to be and having everything you desire. Acknowledge that you have been doing the work and have been present and honest with yourself. Congratulate your body and soul with self-love and nurturing. Ground yourself through creative activities, play, being in nature and with those who love you without judgment or conditions.

Be mindful that when you do have a rest, you are not giving up. This is not a race, it is a long journey and we all need pitstops. You are allowed to ebb and flow as your energy requires. You can be paused and still moving forward. In this pause is where you allow your soul to integrate all the learnings from this school of life. It does this subconsciously. You don’t need to try. Just allow and receive all the magic that you have worked so hard to create.

And what if you could change your mind? What if it wasn’t set in stone? What if you went with your current feeling and just kept doing that every moment. Allowing yourself to be ever-changing, flowing and moving with the ease of liquid through life? Intuitively and blissfully moving forward one step at a time.

I would love to chat to you more about this dance of moving forward slowly and steadily in an intuitive way that works for you.

Let me know in the comments how you know when it is time to slow down for you.

And if you’d like to work with me send me a message.

If there is one thing that I know you need less of, that is pressure. We put some much pressure on ourselves already. How nice is it to be held in the void, given permission to slow and acknowledgement of our efforts? This is what I do, I gently hold your hand and walk with you and tune into your natural energy flow. I help you to see where your path of least resistance is and where you can take a breather.



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