Are you in your mind and your head a lot? I used to be. And so much so that I could not get out. I was trapped in my own mind of swirling chaos. I was so trapped that it was nearly impossible to do physical tasks. I was told I had depression by experts. Get out and exercise they said. But one thing that led me to this depression was an injury. I used to be a runner and I had broken my ankle twice in 12 months. Exercise was not what it used to be. And in order for me to get to a point where I could do enjoyable and fun exercise I had to do loads of physio. Which I hated because it was so boring. Instead, I did yoga and at least I enjoyed that and it gave me a window of relaxation and time to connect with my body.

As I’ve recovered I’ve found so many ways that I can spend time with my body. This part of myself that is a tool to be used. And also looked after with regular self-love and self-care. The ways that I have found to access escape routes from my mind through my body are endless. I’m sure many of us do all sorts of things like art, exercise, dance, creating, making, gardening and other physical activities with our bodies that we enjoy. Sometimes the mind can trick you though. It will tell you that you don’t have time for that. There is too much to worry about and figure out.

The mind forgets though. It forgets the feeling states that we can achieve through physical activity. It forgets that the subconscious can take over while we are physically active. It will work it all out for us. Have you ever noticed how you feel so much more clarity and calm after doing a physical activity? That’s because your subconscious mind has stepped in while your overactive conscious mind is busy controlling your body. The thing that it is supposed to do.

A similar thing happens to our mind when we are on social media, watching television and other activities that don’t take much focussed concentration from the mind. Then you may notice that depression and anxiety steps in and we fall into that feeling of being trapped. Of not being able to find a way out. And unable to figure everything out. This is when you take action. Any action. Whatever task you can do with your body to distract the mind. Making it an enjoyable task is always more fun by the way.

And this is when we can access our intuition. The mind has stepped aside, the body is busy, the subconscious is figuring everything out for the mind and then this other place of magic appears. Our intuition, our higher selves, source, spirit, whatever you want to call it. It just shows up. We start to feel it. We feel bliss, we feel love, we feel the magic that is within us. Revel in that. Remember it and notice it. Write down, voice record, imprint what your intuition is telling you somehow. Paint it, draw it, make it, do it. Now you have a physical anchor for that magic. A reminder that by using your body you are accessing the infinite.

After all, we are here on earth, the playground of the soul and this is where we can reach our fullest potential. If you are stuck in your mind, see if there is something small to get you in your body. This is where the magic happens.

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