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An intimate online women’s intuitive circle. A private group, weekly live group call, daily sisterhood support. Intuitive guidance from me and the circle. Powerful healing and transformation for all.

“I went into working with Amelia with an open-mind. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew there were some surface areas I really wanted to work on but our work together, really saw me digging deeper than I have for years. What I enjoyed most is that Amelia isn’t afraid to call out BS when she hears it. It was her authenticity that first caught my attention and week-in, week-out she was there for me, in whatever capacity I needed her. She has also single-handedly convinced me to start my day a couple of hours earlier (a true miracle worker in my books) and it’s been one of the most game-changing things I’ve ever done for myself. If you’re not afraid to show up and engage in personal development work, definitely reach out to Amelia.”

Sarah C


“Before working with Amelia, I had vague ideas about wanting to set up a business, yet nothing really concrete. I certainly had very little confidence. Amelia is very intuitive and really helped me to get clear about what it was that I really wanted. She also helped clear a pathway, towards achieving my business goals. Amelia has a beautiful ability to really feel into what my dream really is. She then works her magic by shining a light on my potential. She really helped me get stuff done. She is wise compassionate and genuine. Now I feel like I am embracing myself as a soul presence-eur, something I never thought I had the ability to do. I am feeling much more confident, inspired and excited, about my new business.”


Diana Stubbings

Transformational Art Therapist, Diana Stubbings Transformational Art

“I was lacking a bit of confidence to really go out and shine my light in the world before #7daysofme. I knew this program would give me the tools and encouragement I needed, so immediately I wanted to be a part of it. In the week before, my life was thrown into chaos by unexpected events. I wasn’t sure how I would go but I am so glad Amelia’s program was there for me to anchor me and help me find my way out of the panic and back to me. Committing to doing something on this journey every day was a lifesaver. I love Amelia’s quiet, peaceful but strong unwavering presence. She has a real ability to hold space intuitively, knows what is needed in the group, teaches real, practical tools that can be applied to everyone’s lives and it is obvious that this is from a place of knowing that this magic can really change your life.”

Emma Clare

Yoga Teacher, Emma Clare Yoga

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