“I can’t meditate…”

Yoga hands

Often I have conversations with busy people about meditation. They tell me that they “can’t do it”. They want to have the ability to switch off but when they try to meditate it just doesn’t work. 

There’s a few words of advice I have here: 

1. Meditation does not have to be cross-legged on the floor with hands in lotus position ommming

2. Meditation can be active. Yes, you can be doing whilst being. Like craft, walking, patting a dog, gardening, doing housework or even exercise. 

3. Meditation does not necessarily switch your mind off. The brain has a lot of work to do, we don’t want that! 

4. It’s about noticing your monkey mind as an observer and putting some boundaries in place about what you allow in and what you kindly usher out. This takes practice. 

5. The art of meditation is awareness of self. Noticing your body, emotions, thoughts, behaviors and actions. 

6. Meditation is a mindset, it’s a way of critically reflecting on our world and how we interact with it and allow ourselves time to interact in a joyful way. 

7. Try some more simple activities to create the space you need in your day to relax, like making a warm drink uninterrupted with your full attention on your actions and senses. 

8. If you can’t seem to find the time, start tracking what is taking up your time. Where can you give yourself 5 mins? If you can’t, consider the value that you’re placing on your self and your peace. 

9. Meditation is uncomfortable at first. Remember you have been busily escaping yourself for quite a while now, your self has a lot to tell you. Sit with it. You will slowly unravel all those layers and it will become more peaceful. It is a process.

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