What is The Red Tent?

A few years ago I spent 12 months diving deep into shamanic and esoteric practices that had been a part of my awareness most of my life. I felt that in my work as a Youth Worker and Coach this would compliment my toolbox of helping skills.

I became certified as a Red Tent Facilitator with the vision of walking alongside girls and women in womanhood. To empower, connect inspire and uplift women through monthly circles was my end goal.

I am pleased to say I spent three years doing just that. Through these monthly rituals based around the moon’s cycle, we came together for reflection and sharing, to enhance our connection to our selves and nature.

Since moving to Northern Victoria I have decided to continue to run these circles. I run them on Friday mornings monthly. I am calling all women who are looking to go within themselves, unravel the depths of their womanhood, inner knowing, intuition and connect with like-minded women. If you are interested in joining you can find the dates here

To find out more about The Red Tent go here

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