Gift Vouchers Are Here!

Now you can get your special someone a gift of wellness. Or you can ask your special someone, who just doesn’t know what to get you, to gift you a voucher so you can come and bliss out! I’m a big fan of experiences as gifts for the people I love. It reduces waste and adding more unnecessary clutter to our homes and the environment. They are also ethical with zero carbon footprint and no exploitation or violation of human rights. All vouchers are emailed digitally, so no trees are harmed in the process.

You can choose any dollar amount to spend on your voucher, or select a particular service, with it remaining valid for three months from the purchase date. All vouchers will be individually addressed to the recipient and you can even add a special note to it. If you would like your voucher printed and wrapped you can pay a small fee of $5.

You can check out my services page here. To grab your voucher contact me here

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