Women’s Circle is Back

We need connection more than anything in these times of physical distancing and restrictions due to COVID19. With many wellbeing activities, sports and social groups cancelled, it is important to maintain a sense of connectedness and belonging in our communities. That is why an outdoor Women’s Circle will be trialled.

Being outdoor ensures less contact with surfaces that could spread the virus and provides enough space to physically distance. Plus, it is beautiful out in nature! It is the perfect place for self-reflection and healing.

Women’s Circle, to me, is walking alongside sisters in womanhood. I facilitate the coming together, reflection and sharing. This is something women have been doing since ancient times, which seems to have been a little lost in our busy modern world. Through the magic that the women bring to each circle we are able to enhance our connection to ourselves and each other.

Reflection allows us the sacred time and space to go within ourselves, unravel and examine our inner knowing, intuition and open up to support from like-minded women. This practice of intentionally meeting up to build each other up and rise together is the honouring and acknowledgment of what it means to be a woman. This can be a deeply healing practice.

As women joining together in circle, we will practice ancient women’s wisdom through:

• Meditation
• Connection, sharing and reflection
• Receiving healing from nature
• Grounding, releasing and calling in ritual
• Healing art
• Journaling
• Intuitive Practice
• Creation of sacred safe space
• Sharing of nourishing food

Event details:

Friday 17th July
10am – 12pm
Location: Secret bush location TBA

Cost: $25

If you would like to join please get in touch.

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