Free Frog Meditation

This nature-based frog meditation is a joy-inducing gratitude practice. Imagine you are peacefully sitting amongst the red gum forest in the wetlands tuning into the soothing sounds of the frog as you transcend into the feeling of peace. You become deeply grounded, with a strong connection to the earth and your heart for a fully present state. 

This is the meditation you go to for energetic elevation and stress reduction. If the road to happiness is alluding you, find your way back home to yourself with the frogs.

I created this meditation on a whim while I was going on one of my long nature walks. I stopped to admire the beautiful sights and sounds of the wetlands and immediately fell into a deep meditative state. I was still and everything was perfect.
My morning had been particularly shitty and I had been having trouble shaking it off. So I was in awe of the power of the frog. I listened deeply to their song and the message was clear. All was well and just as it should be in that moment.

I decided I needed to share this powerful experience and so I got out my phone and started recording a voice memo as a I talked myself through a deeply spiritual meditation. My plan was to record this later however, when I listened back it was perfect. All the sounds of nature and the frogs were a part of the magic that you are about to experience.


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