About Amelia

Amelia is a mother, qualified Youth Worker and is currently completing her Master of Social Work. She is a deep feeling, strongly passionate woman who loves to see people living their best life. She is trained in a number of modalities that she uses in her work with individuals and groups and has built a large helping and healing toolbox over her 17 years working with people.

As a passionate advocate for holistic mental health and wellbeing for the mind, spirit and soul, Amelia is enthusiastic about bringing her work to schools, communities, organisations and individuals. She believes that through connection, creativity and mindfulness we can create positive shifts in our lives and communities.

Amelia’s journey on the path to helping others began with her own struggles in her teens that extended into adulthood. She is no stranger to ill-mental health, trauma, addiction and abuse. Through her own experiences she has a highly developed empathic skill that enables her to be intuitive and gentle in her approach. Her ability to hold space for group work is finely tuned and she can pick up on their subtle dynamics. She understands that the path to wellness is grounded in our daily lives and offers practical support as well as intuitive insight.

You can work with Amelia by attending a meditation, art therapy or women’s circle workshop. She also does individual coaching, mentoring and intuitive guidance for young people and adults online or in person. If you are a school, community group or organisation you can have Amelia work with you on your unique wellbeing needs.

What People Say

Amelia’s coaching style is so practical, innovative and intuitive. Not only does she get to the core of the issue quickly, she assists with practical steps towards the solution, whether it’s business or personal. I love her service and would recommend it to anyone who needs a strong, supportive player on their team.

Alison Taylor, Kinesiologist

Amelia has a great ability to hold space with gentleness, care and consideration. Her presence and dedication to her practice show in the way she delivers her sessions. 

Jodie, Women’s Circle Attendee

Amelia is fantastic to work with, she asks the hard questions and has an open mind. Regardless of the situation, Amelia showed up in a supportive manner but also knew when to challenge unhelpful thoughts. Best of all, Amelia is incredibly passionate about what she does and is sharing her gifts and talents with the world.

Sarah Cannata, Editor, This Woman Can

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