Children’s Sleep Meditation

How do your children get to sleep after a long day?

My boys are so active and take in so much of the world, sometimes at the end of the day they are overstimulated and find it difficult to wind down to sleep.

We have a great bedtime routine of reading that has been consistent over the last 11 years, which works really well, most of the time. For those times when it doesn’t, I know they need a little more. Especially my little one, who is so sensitive and has such a wild imagination, he can create all sorts of scary stories in his mind before sleep. That is when I use my own magical skill of guided meditation.

If you have a great imagination and are really good at telling stories, you can probably guide your little one through a peaceful bedtime meditation too. If you aren’t quite sure what to do, then maybe I can help?

I have created this children’s sleep meditation just for you! And it’s totally free. You can use it for inspiration to come up with your own sleep meditations for your child, or you can play it straight to them.

This short meditation is under 10 minutes and has the stamp of approval from both of my boys aged 9 and 11. It is suitable for all ages and genders. I’d love for you to give it a try and let me know what you and your young ones think.

Sweet dreams!

It’s Time to Stop Giving a F@#%!

It’s time to stop giving a f@#%, and I have created just the thing to help you with that.

I thought I’d do something a little different for these strange times we find ourselves in. My new meditation not only comes with a language warning, it also comes with a very real and raw introduction to the art of letting go and focussing on the things that matter.

In this easy to digest, short 10 minute introductory meditation you will be guided into a mindset where you no longer need to worry. Say goodbye to the anxiety, over-thinking and over commitment. Stop saying yes to things you really want to say no to. Find out what it is that really matters to you right now and how to stay focussed on that. We are only human and we only have the capacity to care about so much.

You will be entertained and grounded through this slightly profane and funny meditation. Coming back to the present moment and calming yourself into the sweet state of not giving a f@#% is what it’s all about. Both seasoned and new meditators will be sure to benefit. This is a great one to share with your friends and family to introduce them to the advantages of meditation in a lighthearted and fun way.

I’m feeling very generous at the moment and really wanted to give something that would support those who are struggling and need a bit of a boost. It’s all about raising the vibration right now. What better way to do that than a bit of joyful swearing, a giggle and some deeply calming meditation. I hope you enjoy and share the explicit love around and, don’t forget to tell me how it has helped you. Now, it’s time, to listen in and stop giving a f@#%!

A Meditation Gift

While you are all so patiently waiting to come back to my meditation group in the flesh, I have prepared a special gift for you.

A free meditation for you to keep and listen to!

I recorded this while doing an online meditation over zoom with only my computer mic, so please excuse the shabby sound.

I hope you enjoy this peaceful guided meditation and it helps to bring you back to your centre and ground you into the earth.

Peace Out

Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart and a deep knowing that I have made the decision to temporarily shut down my business. This means I will no longer be running sessions online. I fully trust my intuition and believe this is the right path at this time.

As the current situation with COVID19 evolves, I must turn my focus to become more mindful of my family and my own self-care. I hope that I am setting an example and, you too can listen to your own intuition and slow down to focus inwards on yourself and your loved ones. For me, now is the time to take this opportunity to lean into this hibernation period to learn and grow.

I absolutely love the work I do, based on the energetics of facilitating. My passion is to work with people face to face, in the community, in the flesh. I am focussing on the future and returning to that, when it will be so needed. This will all be over, at some point. I look forward to the day that I announce my first sessions back, where we will be connecting on a more human level.

If you have any questions, please reach out. I thank you for your understanding and patience. I am holding all of you in my heart and hoping that you are staying safe and well and sending so much love.

I will see you on the other side, with a great big hug and a smile.

Peace out,


COVID19 Update

I’m going all online!

I love working with people in person but can also do the work online. My business was fully online once upon a time, so it’s time to go back now that we are in a COVID19 pandemic.

Online Meditation groups and Women’s Circles will be at the same times as previously scheduled, starting from next week. You can find all the dates here

If you would like to join please go to the Facebook event to reserve your place.

This may be good news to some of you that are in social isolation or have not been able to attend my groups in person.

Face to face groups will resume when it is safe to do so.

Please reach out if you have any questions.