My first time…in Circle with Women

I remember when I first went to a Women’s Circle. I had no idea what it was going to be about. Maybe they would talk about periods and childbirth? Or maybe there was going to be some kind of magical ceremonial healing that I would receive.

I was intrigued because I felt that somewhere along the line I skipped that life lesson of what it meant to be a woman. So I was curious and willing to take the risk. I had an escape plan ready if it was too weird, I’d go to the toilet and then make a run for it!

I was pleasantly surprised though. It was like catching up with my oldest best friends minus the judgment and competitiveness. We sat around and talked one at a time and deeply listened instead of interrupting. We painted some mandala’s on rocks as we shared little intuitive insights that came to us from the rock creations. Then we ate delicious and nourishing food and shared our recipes. There was meditation, face masks, and massages.

This whole practice of intentionally meeting up to build each other up and rise together was new to me. The feeling of love and support and acceptance was something I craved from other women. And the honoring and acknowledgment of what it meant to be a woman were healing. I walked away that night feeling like a part of me had ignited. I was lit up and felt for the first time, empowered.

I remember thinking to myself, all women and girls should feel this feeling. I wanted to be the one to spread that feeling amongst others. I had always felt uncomfortable socially but this kind of setting was exactly what I craved.

So many years later I began to run my own Circles. I have loved every moment of it and to know that other women are walking away feeling empowered is all my wishes coming true.

If you would like to join me in Circle. I have one on Wed November 13th 11am in Numurkah VIC. Get in touch to book your space 🌑

Event link:

The Red Tent – Women’s Circle

Woman, are you ready to go within yourself and unravel the depths of your womanhood. Access your inner knowing, intuition and connect with like-minded women. Please join us in The Red Tent at the next Women’s Circle on the full moon in the sign of Taurus.

As women joining together in circle, we empower, connect, inspire and uplift one another.

We will practice ancient women’s wisdom through:

New Moon Meditation

Connection to Your Higher Self

Transformational Healing

Grounding Ritual

Art Therapy

Spiritual Practice

Intuitive Practice


Oracle Card Reading

Creation of Sacred Safe Space

Sharing of Nourishing Food

This will be the first of many more monthly rituals based around the moon’s cycle, we will come together for reflection and sharing, to enhance our connection to our selves and nature each month.

When: Wed 13th November

Time: 10:30 – 12:30

Cost: $35

Where: Numurkah Community House

If you are interested in joining please get in touch.

Amelia 0422 035 204

Meditation Groups

I’m super excited to announce a second meditation group is starting! For those that find it tricky to get out at night and would prefer a day time group this is for you. It is just like the Wednesday evening group, a guided weekly meditation for relaxation and reflection. The power of meditating in a group is profound, with the level of de-stressing intensified as you are held by the energy of the group and witnessed in your expression of self-care. Give yourself the gift of creating space to show up just for you to practice the art of mindfulness, connect with like-minded people and share your experiences, reflections and insights. As your experienced facilitator I will nurture and hold the group space and take you on a peaceful journey back to yourself. I aim to empower you to enhance your own wellbeing through listening to your inner guidance and I offer tips on how to improve and go deeper into your meditative practice.

What are the details?

WHEN: Thursdays (weekly) 11-11:45am @ Numurkah Community House
Wednesdays (weekly) 8-8:45pm @ Numurkah Community Learning Centre

WHO: All abilities are welcome over the age of 10

COST: $13

BOOK NOW! Call or text Amelia on 0422 035 204 to secure your place in a group.

What is The Red Tent?

A few years ago I spent 12 months diving deep into shamanic and esoteric practices that had been a part of my awareness most of my life.

I became certified as a Red Tent Facilitator with the vision of walking alongside girls and women in womanhood. To empower, connect inspire and uplift women through monthly circles was my end goal.

I am pleased to say I spent two years doing just that. Through these monthly rituals based around the moon’s cycle, we came together for reflection and sharing, to enhance our connection to our selves and nature.

Since moving to Northern Victoria I have not yet run these circles. I am doing a special taster on Friday 27th September. I am calling all women who are looking to go within themselves, unravel the depths of their womanhood, inner knowing, intuition and connect with like-minded women. If you are interested in joining please get in touch.

To find out more about The Red Tent go here

Art Therapy

Expression through art is a therapeutic process. Art therapy gives you the freedom to create from the soul. You will be guided through a mindful art session for emotional and intuitive reflection and connection to your self. It is deeply transformational and healing as well as powerfully insightful. As you let go and allow the feelings to flow through you, self-esteem will improve, anxiety will be reduced and past hurts can be healed.

Come and try Art Therapy on Thursday 26th September, 10am at the Community House in Numurkah. To book contact 0422 035 204.