Teach & Learn Mindfulness

If you are a teacher or school wanting to introduce mindfulness to your students and staff this is a great start. In fact, everyone can benefit form this resource. It can be used in any workplace for staff wellbeing, by health professionals for clients or at home for individuals, families and teens.
The resources on this page contain everything you need to know to start introducing an awareness of mindfulness. Both teacher and student will learn about the benefits of mindfulness for learning and mental health. The aim of this kit is to help you begin to develop the skills to practice the art of mindfulness both in and out of the workplace or classroom. The addition of mindfulness to your toolbox means it can be used for increased resilience, emotional regulation and readiness to focus and learn.

What’s included?
– Guided visual mindfulness video
– Visual mindfulness video without voice guidance
– Guided meditation script
– Lesson plan

If you would like a unique mindfulness experience facilitated by me in your organisation get in touch.

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